Our story

Building upon better generation through breast feeding

Being a mother is a great blessing yet challenging experience for everyone. For MamaBear founder, Agnes Widjaja, breastfeeding was not easy with insecure feeling of not making enough milk for her baby while battling baby blues at the same time.


MamaBear Lactation Tea is made from natural herbs such as fenugreek, fennel, habbatusauda and curcuma longa as active ingredients to increase breastmilk production in nursing mothers. Our tea comes in biodegradable and chlorine free teabags to ensure safe consumption. Package in individual sachets for convenience also ensure hygiene and quality.


MamaBear ZoyaMix is soybean powder drink with oatmeal enriched with vitamins and minerals. This drink is especially recommended for nursing mothers. It contains the goodness of sweet leaf and oatmeal, that is known to effectively promote breastmilk production. Safe to drink for all adults and children. Package in 10 individual sachets for convenience also ensure hygiene and quality of each time consumption.