With the amount of information available regarding breastfeeding and pumping activity, it can be quite overwhelming for all moms. The most important principle to it all though is this : demand controls supply. This is why pumping is beneficial to complement your breastfeeding activity to keep your breastmilk supply at all time high, as the breasts are signaled to continually produce it. 

For working mothers or those who breastfeed exclusively, pumping breastmilk can be highly effective to drain your milk entirely. The constant stimulation can be a great way to boost breastmilk supply naturally. To all nursing moms out there, check out these 10 pumping tips that will increase your breastmilk supply with ease: 

Other than preparing your pumping equipment, it helps to prepare your breasts by giving it a warm compress. Use a small wet towel and place it on top of your breast. The moist heat can help bring about the flow of milk and offer comfort needed before the pumping begins.

2. Increase pumping frequency

One of the most effective ways to boost your breastmilk supply is by increasing your pumping frequency. Try the cluster pumping technique where you pump every five minutes to give your breasts repeated stimulation. Fully emptying your breastmilk can signal your body to produce fresh supply of breastmilk. 

This pumping technique may not be as convenient for working moms, so try to practice this at evenings or during weekends. Keep repeating it until you notice more volume gradually.

Increasing pumping frequency can also be done by adding 1 additional pumping session during your free time, thereby increasing the count from, for example, 3 pumping sessions to 4-5 in total per day. Choose morning time before the baby is awake or at night time, while keeping yourself properly hydrated.

Equally important to pumping frequency is the duration. It’s recommended to pump for 10-15 minutes per breast before switching to another. Only switch when you notice that the breastmilk is slowing down or stops completely.

After your baby has finished breastfeeding directly, your breasts may still feel full. Try pumping so that the breastmilk is fully released, and thus, signalling the body to produce more. Slowly but steadily, this tip will help increase your breastmilk.

Hand-expressing or massaging your breasts after pumping is a follow-up that’s also effective to do during or after pumping. This is also recommended even when you feel that your breasts are fully emptied, cause hand express is helpful in breastmilk stimulation.

To get the most out of your pumping experience, try double pumping at one go. To make it easier, you can try hands free bra for extra comfort. You can also combine double pumping with the cluster method or pumping every 5 minutes to increase your supply or build a stock of milk in the freezer.

7. Use your breast pump correctly

It is crucial to ensure the condition of your breast pump before use and know how to utilize it correctly. There are several brands with different suction levels that affect pumping result, including the speed and motor power. When using a good-quality breast pump, be sure to check the following :

  • The cleanliness of the breast pump
  • Broken parts that need replacement
  • Maximizing the full use

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9. Maintain your nutrition

Breastmilk production is heavily linked to nutrition quality in a nursing mother’s diet. Maintain a healthy diet with enough calories and stay hydrated. Breastfeeding mothers need about 13 cups of water a day and additional 400- 500 calories a day. Prioritize vitamin-rich foods and other essential nutrients.

Bring a photo of your baby when you’re pumping away at the office or pump near the baby when at home.Anything that reminds you of your baby can trigger breastmilk hormones and help with milk production.

Ready to get pumping for the best breastmilk results? Keep your spirit up and check out our articles on breastfeeding!