Ever wonder why your little one clings to your so much? Why do they always want to breastfeed? Even when sleeping they don’t want to be separated from you. Read the article below to find out why.

Reasons Why Your Baby Clings to You


The main reason babies continue to breastfeed or just want to be close to you is because they feel safe and comfortable in Moms’ arms. Because for your little one, Moms is his world.

Moms can imagine if your little baby can talk they’ll say ” I miss you, Mom”, “Only you can make me comfortable,” and “Mama is my world.” That is the picture that can be obtained when the baby choose to want to be with you continuously. Indeed, when your little one doesn’t want you to leave their side, it makes your

But other things can wait, our child cannot. Our children as a baby is brief and grow up in the blink of an eye. With the presence of Moms when they cry and then carried, a sense of trust and security towards the people who care for them and love them will grow. With this sense, children will grow self-confidence and independence because their needs are met.

The baby must continue to adjust when he is born in the world after nine months of always feeling safe and comfortable in the mother’s womb. The baby is not yet able to express his feelings, and the mother’s arms are a sense of security for him.

Moms, no one tells you that the hardest part of motherhood is when you kids grow up.Therefore, even though there is a lot of work that becomes piling up and there is limited space for movement, appreciate every moment with your little one.

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