As a mother who just gave birth, it is normal if Mama gets panic easily for everything that happens to your little one. Particularly for the surprising things which actually are normal for a newborn. MamaBear has some information about newborn conditions for you, Ma. Let’s check it out!

Newborn Conditions that Make You Worry

In general, each newborn has a different condition. But, there are some conditions that mostly happen and make Mama anxious.  Does Mama know that those are normal?

1. Blue Spot on Newborn Buttocks and Back.

Does Mama know that newborn, sometimes, has blue spots on their buttocks and back? This condition is actually a very common thing. These blue spots are caused by the lump of skin cells, melanocytes. Those cells are trapped in inner skin tissue and produce melanin which gives a bluish to the baby’s skin.

2. Red Spots on Baby’s Diaper

In newborns, the red spots on their diapers are also a condition which sometimes happens to them. There are two possibilities for the cause of the red spot. First, there is urate crystal in baby’s urine and it is not dangerous. All Mama needs to do is just breastfeed the baby more often and make sure that the baby gets enough milk supply. 

The second possibility usually happens in baby girls. A baby who has a ”mini-period” is a common condition for a newborn baby girl. This happens as an effect of Mama’s estrogen hormone that drops drastically. These blood spots will disappear by themselves in 3-4 days. This is a normal thing, but Mama needs to be wary if this happens to a more than three weeks old baby.

3. Baby’s Head is not Perfectly Round

Some newborns’ heads are not perfectly round. Even so, no need to worry, Mam, because this is a normal condition in a newborn. According to Alodokter, Newborn’s head that is not perfectly round occurs due to the vaginal delivery. 

In spite of that, the unsymmetric or not perfectly round head can also indicate a presence of abnormalities that affect the development of the skull ever since the baby was in the womb. These abnormalities can be identified by the doctor in charge of the baby. 

4. Yellowish On Baby’s Skin

The condition of a newborn with yellowish skin can happen because of the high levels of bilirubin in the baby’s body. Bilirubin is a pigment compound which has yellow color. The high levels of bilirubin may occur because the baby’s liver is not perfect enough to process and remove bilirubin into the digestive tract. This thing then leads to yellowing on baby skin. This yellowing condition may also occur in the baby’s skin and eyes. 

Nothing to worry about, Ma! This yellowish on the baby’s skin can disappear by themselves in 2-3 weeks after the delivery. Breastfeeding the baby regularly and sunbathing sufficiently can also help manage the yellowish on the baby. However, Mama also needs to pay attention if the yellowish happens 24 hours after the baby’s born, seems weak, cries less or no at all, refuses to breastfeed, and has a fever. If all of these things happen, it’s better for Mama to consult the doctor so the baby will get treatment immediately. 

Well, that was some conditions of the newborn which Mama no need to worry since it is a normal thing. Make sure to check other informative articles about pregnancy, breastfeeding, and baby’s development that Mama can access on MamaBear website. See you in another article, Ma!

Writer: Nafisatul Umah

Translator: Aning Luthfiyah

Editor: Mega Pratidina

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