For pregnant mothers, waiting for the baby’s delivery is a thrilling and nerve-wracking moment. Especially, when the symptoms such as contraction near the Estimated Date of Delivery (EDD) appear.

How important is the contraction near labor?

It turns out that contraction is one of the important things in labor. Every time Mama’s stomach experiences contraction, the uterus muscles will stretch and widen so it will provide a way out for the baby.

However, sometimes many pregnant mothers start to feel worried when the contraction signs haven’t appeared yet at the moment the estimated date of delivery comes near. This is the reason why ways to trigger contraction when there haven’t been any signs of it appearing near the EDD is needed. What kind of ways can trigger pregnancy contraction?

4 Ways to Trigger Contraction so the Baby Can be Born Faster

  1. Stand up and walk lightly 

Quoted from the VeryWell Family page, one way to trigger contraction can be done through simple sports, such as standing up and walking lightly which are beneficial to help increase pressure on the cervix and push the baby down to the pelvis.  

The fact is that pregnant mothers who like to stand up and do a light walk can experience a shorter labor process and decrease the contraction pain when giving birth. 

  1. Stimulate the breasts

The second way to trigger contraction is by stimulating the breasts, which can release Oxytocin to Mama’s blood flow. This can cause contraction in the uterus. Mama can take advantage of using the breast milk pump or stimulating the nipples manually with fingers. 

However, doctors assertively state that stimulating the breast as a way to trigger contraction is better done under proper supervision so the baby’s condition in the womb can be monitored well to avoid excessive contraction that can harm the baby. 

  1. Break the amniotic sac

Quoted from the Alodokter page, this is one of several ways to trigger contraction since when the amniotic sac breaks, the Prostaglandin hormone will increase so it triggers the contraction to happen. To break the amniotic sac, the doctor will use a thin, sterile plastic hook. The hook is brushed on the amniotic membrane, located in the neck of the womb, until the baby’s head goes down to the neck of the womb. The descent of the baby’s head is usually a natural induction that makes the uterus experience a stronger contraction. 

  1. Have sex

Having sex with Papa can be a way to trigger contraction. The content of the Prostaglandin hormone in sperm can stimulate the neck of the womb to have a contraction. But, this way of triggering contraction is not recommended to pregnant mothers whose amniotic fluid has broken. Furthermore, it’s better to consult the doctor first regarding this matter, Mam. 

So, those are some ways to trigger contraction if there haven’t been any delivery symptoms when the EDD comes near. However, if both Mama and the baby are in a healthy condition, there’s nothing wrong with waiting until the EDD comes and then consulting the ob-gyn doctor again. Pregnant Mama, when is your EDD?

Writer: Fernika Windi

Translator: Ivana Meyi

Editor: Mega Pratidina