Do you often feel hungry quickly and want to continue snacking while breastfeeding? This is very reasonable, because your body needs extra 500 calories to produce milk. Instead of eating fried or junk food, here is a list of delicious and healthy breastfeeding snacks that can be consumed. Psssttt… this snack can also expedite breast milk!

Boiled Eggs

Board with boiled eggs on white wooden background

In addition to having a high protein content, eggs are also rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. Moreover, there are also essential amino acids, vitamins, and other important minerals in an egg. Mama can make boiled eggs as a delicious and healthy snack during breastfeeding. It is recommended to choose DHA-fortified eggs to increase the levels of essential fats in breast milk.


Cut and whole orange fruits with green leaves isolated on white background. Closeup shot. Natural vitamin or organic food concept

Citrus fruit is a good snack for nursing mothers. The high content of vitamin C in oranges can meet nutritional needs during breastfeeding. The water content in citrus fruits also helps meet fluid needs during breastfeeding. Oranges can be eaten directly or squeezed into a refreshing orange juice.


Mama must be familiar that nuts are a snack that has many benefits for nursing mothers. Various types of nuts, such as almonds, walnuts, and cashews will also make you feel full longer. The good news is that Mama Bear’s Almond Oat Cookies can be used as a delicious and healthy snack alternative for Busui. Made from natural and natural ingredients, the almond content in these cookies can help facilitate breast milk production.

Wheat Bread

Both before and after birth, babies need adequate folic acid intake to support brain development. Moreover, folic acid is also an important nutrient in breast milk. Whole wheat bread contains folic acid, iron, and fiber that nursing mothers need. Besides being able to facilitate breast milk, wheat bread also facilitates bowel movements.


yogurt with mixed berries on the table

Yoghurt is a probiotic-rich food that is good for nursing mothers. Good bacteria contained in yoghurt can maintain the health of the baby so that its growth and development continues optimally. In addition, the risk of rash and itching on the baby’s skin can be minimized if there are good bacteria in yogurt contained in breast milk.

Those were delicious and healthy snacks that you can choose while breastfeeding your little one. Which snack do you think is Mama’s favourite?

Enjoy your breastfeeding time, Mama. Hopefully always healthy & able to breastfeed your little one up to 2 years later.

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