Moms, it’s likely that you’ve heard of foods that help boost breast milk supply. There are many ways to ensure better the flow of breast milk, and one of them includes consuming foods or drinks that are beneficial and effective for breast milk production. 

In fact, some of the foods listed here have been long dubbed as family cultural traditions for nursing mothers in different parts of the world. Additionally, there have been many clinical studies that support the efficacy of galactagogues as the natural way to boost breast milk supply. Check out these 5 foods that help boost breast milk supply:


These aromatic seeds are often lauded as powerful galactagogues and used as an ingredient in foods or drinks designed to boost breast milk supply. Fenugreek contains a component that mimics the estrogen hormone, linked to breast milk production. It has also been proven to have increased breast milk significantly in nursing mothers who consume fenugreek tea as many as three times a day.
However, it’s recommended to follow the correct dosage when consuming fenugreek-based products or consult your doctor. You may also try Mamabear herbal lactation tea enriched with Fenugreek and other potent ingredients.


Oatmeal has long been enjoyed as an alternative to a healthy breakfast for families around the world. But do you know? Oatmeal is also used as a part of a galactagogue diet that’s rich in nutritions with a filling effect. It is a good source of iron with 170 grams of oatmeal providing up to 2 mg of iron or up to 20% of  what breastfeeding mothers’ daily needs.
Oatmeal also contains low levels of mineral that may interfere with breast milk production. To enjoy oatmeal in the most healthy and delicious way, try Mamabear Almond Oat Cookies.


Another tradisional herbal made of natural plants that works as a popular galactagogue, fennel seeds also contain estrogen-like compounds similar to Fenugreek. A few clinical studies have linked fennel seeds with improved breast milk production, including the milk volumen and fat content quality. Try Mamabear herbal lactation tea for a practical solution that boosts breast milk supply.


Nursing moms must always ensure a proper diet that includes protein and iron through lean meat and poultry, Try lean beef, lamb and chicken that helps boost breast milk production.


Include a selection of colorful vegetables such as spinach, kale, sweet potato, pumpkin, tomatoes and more that is rich in vitamin A, iron, calcium and folic acid. Vegetables and fruits are an ideal part of a nursing mom’s daily diet in order to support the best breast milk production. Not only are they beneficial to breast milk supply, the nutrients in vegetables also support your baby’s health. 
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