During pregnancy, it is natural for Mama to experience swelling in some parts of the body, such as hands, feet, legs, face, and even ankles. Usually, the swelling will decrease after Mama give birth. This swelling is a normal thing experienced by Mama who is pregnant. Want to know what causes swollen feet after giving birth  and how to deal with them?

Causes of Swollen Feet After Giving Birth

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Reporting from the American Pregnancy Association, when you are pregnant, the body stores a lot of fluids to maintain and support baby growth and development in the womb. As a result, the volume of blood in your body can increase, reaching up to 50% of its normal level. Increasing hormones estrogen and progesterone level during pregnancy also results in fluid buildup, especially in the legs. When giving birth, this fluid gradually comes out of the body, so it is very likely that the legs are still swollen even though the pregnancy period is over.

According to Alodokter,  under normal circumstances, after you give birth, a certain amount of excess fluid gradually comes out through urine and sweat. However, under certain circumstances, fluid in blood vessels can leak through body tissues, causing swelling.

In addition to fluid buildup during pregnancy, the birthing process also plays a role in the presence of swollen feet after childbirth. The process of straining during normal labor puts pressure on all parts of the body, especially the legs. While the use of intravenous fluids in the cesarean delivery process also causes the buildup of fluids to increase.

There are also conditions where ligaments or connective tissue are loose so that the foot is enlarged. In some Mothers, this condition persists and causes swollen feet after childbirth, which is unavoidable.  

How to Deal with Swollen Feet After Giving Birth

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  1. Avoid standing too long 

You need to avoid standing too long. Take the time to sit for a moment. You also need to avoid the position of crossing your legs, which can inhibit blood flow. Preferably, you should also wear footwear that does not limit your space for foot movement.

  1. Put your feet on higher ground.

Swollen feet after giving birth can be caused by fluid that builds up in the legs. Therefore, you can lift your legs and put them on higher ground. This can facilitate blood circulation and reduce the buildup of fluid throughout the body.

  1. Drink plenty of water.

Fluid buildup makes the kidneys work harder to remove the rest of this excess fluid. Drinking plenty of water can relieve the work of the kidneys and speed up excess fluid expenditure.

  1. Doing light exercise

By exercising, the buildup of fluid in the legs can be reduced and blood flow facilitated. You can do leisure walks, yoga, swimming, or pilates. If you are worried, you can consult a doctor first.

  1. Avoiding excess salt intake

The amount of salt and water should be maintained in the body. Excessive salt consumption can cause a buildup of fluids in the body. You need to limit your salt intake from food and drink. Consume foods high in protein with eggs, lean chicken meat, lean red meat, tofu, and tempeh, and balance them with vegetables and fruits.

  1. Caffeine consumption should be reduced.

You need to limit your intake of coffee and tea because they can trigger the body to lose more fluids so it will not relieve swollen legs after giving birth. But, take it easy, Ma. If you enjoy caffeine-free tea and coffee, MamaBear Breastfeeding Tea could be an option.

MamaBear Breastfeeding Tea does not contain tea leaves or caffeine. It is made from quality herbs to increase the production of breast milk. While Almon Mix-flavored Coffee Latte can treat Mama’s longing to drink coffee. It contains the goodness of almonds and other superfoods that help increase the production and nutrition of breast milk.

  1. Using cold water to compress

You can bandage swollen feet after giving birth with ice cubes in a small towel. This helps to shrink blood vessels so that swollen legs after childbirth can recover.

However, keep in mind that if Mama has swollen feet after giving birth for more than a week accompanied by severe headaches and pain in the swollen part, see a doctor immediately and run further examinations.

What ways have you tried to relieve swollen feet after giving birth?

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