Like every other thing in life, preparation is key in your breastfeeding journey. Several must-haves are best prepared ahead to keep your breastfeeding session comfortable and  successful. Be sure to have these extra useful items on the standby each time you’re ready to breastfeed your bub:

1. Nursing Bra

To stay comfy and practical at all times, make sure you have a few reliable nursing bras. It’s recommended to prioritize high quality ones with easy features such as easy-to-open flaps, so you can breastfeed at a moment’s notice. The signs of good quality nursing bra are:

  • Covers the whole breasts ( no spillage).
  • Center lies flat ( no tight pressure)
  • Smooth & comfy material ( breathable) 
  • Underwires fit perfectly ( no pressing breast area)
  • Band sits at the centre of your back, not too high or low.
  • Easy to operate with one hand.

Ideally, breastfeeding is done naturally where baby feed directly from mother’s breasts. This helps stimulate breastmilk production and keeps it flowing steadily. However, for working mothers or those who cannot breastfeed directly, a powerful breast pump can come to the rescue and keep your breastfeeding on track. 

There are different brands of breast pumps available with new features which you can select based on your preference. Make sure that all the equipment, parts and accessories including milk bottle, breastmilk storage bag, cooler bag, charger and etc are in place too.

Always finding one side of your arms or hands go numb after long feeding session? A nursing pillow can be the easy solution which offers comfort and stability while breastfeeding. The baby position can easily be adjusted closer to your breast area, while your hand can stay rested the whole time. Simply choose one based on your preference.

We’re sure you’re familiar with the function of a breast pad. This small fabric cover helps prevent leaking of breastmilk. Breast pads are available in disposable or reusable versions, just be sure that the size fits the entire nipple and that they are clean prior to use. To ensure the best experience, remember to change the pads as needed.

Particularly for new mommies, breastfeeding often results in sensitive, dry and cracked nipples. There are a lot of nipple creams available these days, but the most important takeaway is to select one that is safe for your baby. Stay away from questionable ingredients with no added chemical and is hypoallergenic. You can also try your own natural DIY version with coconut oil.

The most reliable companion for all breastfeeding moms, Mamabear is a trusted brand that provides natural breastmilk boosters as solution. Our products help improve milk flow and contain enriching vitamins with natural ingredients to support your best breastfeeding experience. 
Having the confidence of breastmilk supply is one of the most important thing for every nursing moms. Keep our breastmilk boosters ready, from our bestselling herbal lactation tea, Almond Oat Cookies and  delicious powder drinks!

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