After giving birth, Mama will experience the postpartum period. What is the postpartum period? It’s a recovery period that Mama goes through after the delivery process until the reproductive organs return to normal as they were when Mama was not pregnant.

Reporting from Copper State Obgyn, changes in the puerperium happen due to a sharp decrease in estrogen and progesterone levels produced by the placenta during pregnancy. This results in involution of the uterus or uterus shrinking back to its pre-pregnancy size and position. The postpartum period generally lasts for 6-8 weeks after Mama gives birth.

During the postpartum period, Mama really needs to pay attention to the 7 things below. Let’s see the following explanation!

1. Personal Hygiene

After urinating or defecating, Mama needs to clean the vulva area from front to back using water and special feminine soap. Besides that, during the postpartum period, Mama should change the sanitary pads 2 times a day, or adjust it according to the amount of blood that comes out. Try to avoid touching the area of ​​episiotomy and lacerations. Most importantly , don’t forget to always wash your hands with water and soap before and after cleaning the intimate area, Mama!

2. Sleeping Pattern

After giving birth, Mama usually focuses on taking care of the newborn baby, especially since Mama and the baby need to adapt to the new environment and routine. This is one of the main reasons why Mama really needs enough rest during the postpartum period. Asking help from others to do heavy work is highly recommended so that Mama can take time to rest.

3. Consumption of Balanced Nutritious Food

According to the Indonesian Ministry of Health (2013), during the postpartum period, Mama needs an additional 500 calories per day. Mama needs protein, minerals, and vitamins, as well as enough water at least 3 liters a day. There are several supplements that Mama needs to take during the puerperium, including iron supplements for 3 months postpartum and 1 capsule of 200,000 IU of vitamin A supplements as soon after delivery, and 1 capsule of 200,000 IU 24 hours afterward.

4. Light Exercise

Light exercise should be done to maintain Mama’s fitness during the postpartum period. Try doing exercises such as light yoga, sunbathing, walking, or light gymnastics. This helps blood flow more smoothly and optimizes the performance of body organs.

5. Breast Care

Breast care during postpartum period can be done by doing the following things, such as, keeping the breasts dry and clean, using a comfortable bra that doesn’t put too much pressure, applying colostrum or breast milk to sore nipples, and pumping breast milk by hand or pump– if it hurts too much when breastfeeding directly. Reported by Alodokter, there are several ways to care for the breasts while breastfeeding during the puerperium, including making sure the position when breastfeeding is correct and comfortable, understanding the correct attachment method, ensuring optimal emptying of the breasts after breastfeeding, and massaging the breasts regularly to avoid blockage of the milk glands.

6. Having Sex

Mama can start having sex again after the postpartum period is over. But obviously, this can be done after making sure the readiness of each side, especially Mama who has just given birth.

 7. Use of Contraception

After giving birth, Mama might consider using contraception. According to Halodoc, the recommended  method of contraception for Mama who are breastfeeding is contraceptives without hormones (non-hormonal), such as hormonal IUDs and copper IUDs. Between the two contraceptive IUDs, the best choice is the copper IUD because it has no significant impact on breast milk production and has an effectiveness rate of up to 99%. Other contraceptive methods that Mama can choose after delivery and safe for those who are breastfeeding, namely:

  1. Barrier contraceptives, such as condoms;
  2. Sterile by tubectomy, ring fitting, or tying of the fallopian tubes;
  3. Lactational Amenorrhea Method or MAL (with certain conditions).

Well, those are the things that need to be considered during the puerperium. Recovery during the puerperium is also prioritized on fulfilling nutrition. In addition, breastfeeding moments can also be supported by fulfilling nutrition during this postpartum period. So, is there any Mama here who also adds traditional care during the postpartum period?

Penulis: Khoirunnisa Purwamita

Translator: Dhivanty Maulidina

Editor: Mega Pratidina

Sources :


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