Your first breastfeeding experience can sometimes be far from expectations. Particularly for new moms, there are many challenges and adjustments needed since your baby has returned home. It’s not rare that the much awaited breastfeeding sessions turn into frustration. But, there are ways to anticipate this and turn each breastfeeding into your success. Check out these 8 secret tips below :

1. Stay close to your baby

Do you know the main reason why skin-to-skin contact is important to establish right after delivery? This contact is believed to reduce stress for both mom and baby who have just gone through the birthing process, as well as to regulate body temperature, heart beat and blood circulation.

Through the breastfeeding perspective, skin-to-skin contact can also be a way to support better mouth latch, which ultimately increases the chance of successful breastfeeding. So moms, keep your baby close to you and sleep near each other.

2. Ask for help

Breastfeeding seems like a natural task until it isn’t. For the first few days after delivery where new moms are typically still in a hospital setting and surrounded by professionals, be sure to ask for help from your breastfeeding counsellor or lactation expert. This tip may be simple, but can be one of the most effective for your breastfeeding success!

3. Follow your baby’s cues and needs

For the first few weeks, newborns will nurse every 2-3 hours. Try to pay hunger signs such as restlessness, sucking motion or moving a lot. Let the baby nurse directly on your breast for 15-20 minutes or more. Offer your baby one breast and nurse consistenly while waiting for the baby’s signal. See if your baby prefers to continue or rest; don’t be surprised if these new routines can be quite tiring – at least for the first few weeks.

4. Find the best position

Breastfeeding position can be one of the most challenging things for new moms to master. A comfortable breastfeeding position is vital to the success of the whole process. Try a few breastfeeding positions that work best for you, because this is what going to work best for your baby too. Keep experimenting and don’t give up easily. If necessary, get supportive tools such as a breastfeeding pillow.

5. Take care of your breasts

Taking care of your nipples is crucial to your long-term breastfeeding success. Let the milk dry off naturally once you have finished feeding your baby. Avoid rubbing or cleaning excessively with soap during bath. There are also creams and medication that help with nipple crack and are safe for babies. Also, don’t forget to massage your breasts slowly or apply warm compress to ensure breast milk supply.

6. Eat a balanced and nutritious diet.

Nursing mothers must include a variety of nutritious foods to consume daily. Maintain a regular intake of healthy foods, such as vegetables, lean meat, grains and fruits. Be sure to drink plenty as a way to increase breastmilk supply as well as hydrating your body.

7. Rest well & manage stress

Adapting to new changes while tackling breastfeeding challenges can all be a bit much for new mothers to handle. A good stress management can go a long way to your breastfeeding success, so be sure to rest well, relax, ask for the help of your closed ones and keep working with your partner.

8.Try breast milk boosters

Get rid of supply difficulties right from the start by trying out several breast milk boosters, such as Mamabear herbal lactation tea, healthy snacks, and powder drinks. WIth overflowing breast milk, new moms can focus on all these secret tips to breastfeeding success.

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