Cesarean section (C-Section) is a birth delivery that is done through an operation on the stomach and womb instead of the vagina. Mama must have heard many assumptions about C-Section that can lead Mama to refuse to give birth with the C-Section method. However, the decision to go through with C-Section is often taken by the doctors in consideration of Mama’s and the baby’s health. 

Apparently, there are still many myths about C-Section that make many mothers hesitant. What are those myths and is there any truth behind them?


1. Fail to Become a “Mother” Completely

Mama that has or is still planning on giving birth through C-Section will always be a mother, through and thorough. There isn’t any difference between giving birth “normally” or C-Section. The only difference is the method in which the baby gets delivered. 

There are some conditions that require Mama to have C-Section operation, for example comorbidities, the baby’s head is in the breech position, the hips are too narrow for the baby to come through, the baby runs out of amniotic fluid, and the delivery of twins. Mama only needs to follow the directions from the doctor or nurse. 

Mama doesn’t need to be worried if there’s anyone that claims you have failed to become a “complete mother” because you had a C-Section. No matter what method you used during the delivery, Mama is still and will always be a “complete mother”.

2. Can’t Breastfeed the Baby

According to Alodokter, there are two anesthesia options during C-Section, a total anesthesia and a regional anesthesia. A large portion of C-Section uses regional anesthesia so that after the baby is born, they can be placed immediately on the mother’s chest. This process is called early initiation of breastfeeding and can be arranged with the medical personnel. The baby’s body will be supported by the medical personnel because Mama’s top and lower stomach is still being operated on. The early initiation of breastfeeding is indeed not as long as what it normally would but the breastfeeding process will continue shortly after Mama has entered the recovery room post surgery.

That’s why the assumption that giving birth through C-Section will make Mama unable to breastfeed is wrong. Every mother can breastfeed their little ones. 

 3.  Can’t Give Birth Normally in the Next Delivery

This assumption is absolutely not true. After C-Section, Mama still has an opportunity to give birth normally in the next delivery. This is called vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) and can be done as long as Mama meets the requirements. Some of the requirements are a suitable hip and baby’s size, no risky disease, the baby’s position in the womb should be normal, the distance between the previous pregnancy is more than 24 months, and the C-Section operation mark on the womb is horizontal. 

4.  Mama Doesn’t Feel Pain During C-Section

Both vaginal and cesarean birth are painful. In C-Section, the pain comes after the anesthesia’s effect has disappeared. Mama will start to feel the ache of the incision wound and stitches on your stomach. Even when Mama is still under the effect of anesthesia, Mama can still feel the pressure and pull when the doctor is taking out the baby. Besides that, the recovery phase post C-Section is around 7-14 days which is longer than vaginal birth.

5. There Is No Contraction During C-Section

The fact is Mama will still experience contraction during C-Section. Contraction is an effort to smooth out the process of the baby coming out through the vagina. The contraction ache will begin once the baby is ready to be born. Giving birth through C-Section, especially if the baby is born before the scheduled date, can still cause contraction pain for Mama.

Now Mama is more certain that C-Section doesn’t decrease your value as a mother. Pay no mind to those myths and focus on your little ones instead.

Writer: Rosyidatul Hakika

Translator: Athyra Elmilla

Editor: Mega Pratidina