Breast care is one of the keys to successful breastfeeding and can be done since pregnancy. But unfortunately many pregnant women might not understand the benefits of breast care during pregnancy.

“In fact, with proper care, the results are not only sufficient production, but also breast shape will remain good during breastfeeding,” said dr. Suharjanti Kramadibrata, Sp.OG from the Gatot Subroto Army Hospital, Jakarta. (doktersehat.com)

During pregnancy, the breasts will undergo changes. The breasts become felt firmer, bigger and fuller and the aerola appears darker. All of these changes indicate the preparation of the mammary glands ready for production after delivery.

1. Breast massage

Breast massage is best done at 5-6 months of pregnancy. Massage from a pregnancy age that is younger than that can cause uterine contractions that are dangerous for the fetus and pregnant woman. Before starting, prepare a basin filled with cold and warm water, oil (coconut oil or baby oil) and a towel. Clean the breast first with water then start the massage as shown below.

perawatan payudara saat hamil
perawatan payudara saat hamil

2. Breast Exercises

Breast exercise aims to strengthen the pectoralis muscle in the chest so that it compresses the breasts and stimulates the production of breast milk to be maximized.

Starting in a standing position, the right hand holds the left forearm near the elbow, while the left hand holds the right forearm (like a crossed person). Press your hands firmly against your chest by tightening your grip, so that you feel their pull on the muscles at the base of the breasts and after a few seconds release them again. Repeat this movement up to 30 times.

The exercise movement for caring for pregnant women breasts is started by holding the shoulders with both ends of the hands, then rotating the elbows forward so that the inner arms massage the breasts upward. Continue to move your hands up and back and come back to the starting position. Do this exercise for 20 rounds.

3. Clean the nipples

The nipple is the organ through which milk is distributed to the baby. Dirt can clog the nipples and prevent milk from being released. In general, the problem of blocked nipples is often mistaken for breast milk that does not come out after delivery. Signs of clogged nipples after childbirth are that the breasts feel swollen and full continuously but when squeezed, or pressed or pumped, only a drop or two drops out. This is excruciating and serious enough to cause mastitis if not treated immediately. Use baby oil or coconut oil which is safe to clean the nipples. Avoid using soap or alcohol, which can cause dry and irritated nipples.

4. Wear a comfortable bra

As breast size grows during pregnancy, also pay attention to the comfort of the bra you wear. A bra that is too tight will inhibit the development of the mammary glands. If the bra starts to feel tight and uncomfortable, immediately change the bra size, be it from the right circumference or cup size. The right size and comfortable bra can support your breasts to help maximize the development of the mammary glands so that milk production will come out more smoothly.

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