Mothers who are pregnant again while still breastfeeding, may be a little doubtful whether they can continue to breastfeed or not? The good news is that breastfeeding your sister for up to 2 years is still very possible even if you are pregnant again, namely by using the tandem nursing method.
Studies from the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) show that breastfeeding during pregnancy can be done, as long as the pregnancy conditions are healthy and normal. If your current pregnancy is high-risk or you’ve experienced uterine bleeding and pain, your doctor may suggest that your sibling be weaned immediately. This is done to avoid uterine contractions while breastfeeding her brother. Therefore, before doing tandem nursing, you should first consult with the experts, yes.
Some tips and things you need to pay attention to when doing tandem nursing, namely:

Breastfeeding Position

To get enough rest during tandem nursing, you can breastfeed sitting or lying on the bed to make sure the brothers and sisters who are still in the stomach feel comfortable. When your gestational age continues, in addition to direct breastfeeding, you can start pumping breast milk to start minimizing the risk of the older sibling kicking your stomach. In addition, pumping can be done to prepare the stock of breast milk if the breastfeeding period is still long.

Nipples are More Sensitive than Usual

When you are pregnant, hormonal changes in your body can cause your nipples to be more sensitive than usual, which makes breastfeeding less comfortable for you. This is normal when tandem nursing. In this condition, Mama is recommended to give a short pause to breastfeed, and meet the needs of your breast milk by giving expressed breast milk.

Enough Rest

In addition to paying attention to calorie intake, Mama also needs adequate rest. So that the breastfeeding process can run smoothly, and Mama also stays fit. Adequate rest can also prevent you from stress. Set priorities, and if necessary ask the people closest to you to complete the work that can be delegated.

Sufficient Calories Needs of The Body

Pregnancy and breastfeeding require a lot of energy. Not to mention the nutritional needs of the mother’s own body. For your information, 500 extra calories are needed when you are breastfeeding or 650 extra calories are needed if you are breastfeeding a child under 6 months. Meanwhile, when doing tandem nursing, Mama needs an additional 350 extra calories daily. So it is very important to make sure you are consuming enough calories from a balanced nutritional diet (protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins & minerals).

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So, are you ready to breastfeed during pregnancy? Whatever Mama’s decision, make sure it’s the best for your little one and Mama herself!
Enjoy your pregnancy, Mama. Hopefully always healthy, smooth delivery process & able to breastfeed your little one up to 2 years later.

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