What is Mamabear?

Mamabear is the manufacturer of leading breastfeeding products designed to boost milk supply naturally. Our founder, Agnes Susanti Widjaja, holds a Bachelor degree in Science in Food Technology & Nutrition from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Through research, experience and dedication, Mamabear was born out of love for breastfeeding and motherhood. Read our story here.

What are Mamabear products?

Currently, Mamabear breastfeeding products are : Lactation Booster Tea, Powder Drink ( Zoya Mix and Almond Mix), and Almond Oat Cookies. We also offer Breast Milk Storage bag and other essentials for you and your baby.

Zoya Mix and Almond Oat Cookies are also suitable for all ages, including children, as snacks or breakfast. 

What are the benefits of Mamabear products? / How are Mamabear products different?

We pride ourselves on using natural ingredients that are manufactured with the best of technology and care. As a result, our products are not only effective and safe, but also convenient for busy mothers. All Mamabear products are also BPOM and Halal Certified.

Zoya Mix and Almond Oat Cookies are also suitable for all ages, including children, as snacks or breakfast. 

What are the ingredients of Mamabear products?

Please click here to learn more about our ingredients.

Which product suits me best?

Each product is made for all breastfeeding mothers in mind. However, the results may vary based on the individual. In our experience, Lactation Booster Tea and Zoya Mix are effective to increase and boost milk supply, while Almond Mix and Almond Oat Cookies help to enrich breast milk’s quality.

Some mothers may find that they are better suited with our tea, while others prefer the powder drink. We highly recommend mommies to try each product to find your best result. Combining all products at the same time can also maximize both the quality and the quantity of your milk production.

What is the difference between Zoya Mix and Almond Mix?
Both Zoya Mix and Almond Mix are powder-based products designed to increase milk production. They both taste great and highly practical. The difference is purely on ingredients and available flavors, as well as your personal preference!
How long does it take for the effect to show?

Results may vary from each individual. Breastmilk production really depends on the mother’s health condition, including the body and the mind. If you are physically well, getting enough rest and a healthy support system, your body can focus on making milk for your baby. Your hormones (prolactin and oxytocin) also play a big role in breastmilk production.

For some of our mommies, results may show as soon as 1 day after consuming our products. While others may take up to a week to see results.

Are there any precautions before taking the products?

All our products are made of natural ingredients and suitable for breastfeeding mothers.

Also, Zoya Mix and Almond Oat Cookies are great for all ages, including pregnant mothers. Consuming Almond Oat Cookies during pregnancy can help prepare your mammary glands and stimulate it in preparation for breastfeeding.

Please make sure to consume all products as recommended in the packaging. You may also consult your doctor prior to your consumption.

What are the side effects?

When consumed accordingly and in the recommended dosage/portion, our products do not show any negative side effects. However, you may consult your doctor prior to consumption and read our ingredient page for more information.

Can pregnant mothers use Mamabear products?
Mamabear Lactation Booster Tea is best consumed after delivery or postpartum. Pregnant mothers may also start taking our tea after the 38th week of pregnancy. Pregnant mothers can also use our Zoya Mix and Almond Oat Cookies which is safe for all ages.
What is the best way to consume Mamabear products?

Follow the recommendations that are available in each product. If you wish to combine some Mamabear products, you can use the different products alternately – for example :

  • Breakfast with Zoya Mix
  • Afternoon tea time with Lactation Booster Tea
  • Late afternoon snacks with Almond Oat Cookies or Zoya Mix/ Lactation Booster Tea
  • Midnight drink with Zoya Mix or Lactation Booster Tea
  • Almond Oat Cookies can be used as snacks at any time. 
Can Mamabear products be used together?
Yes, our products work extra well when combined as a whole into your balanced diet. Since our ingredients are natural-based and contain no dangerous chemicals, our products will not cause overdose and can be consumed together based on personal preference.
Can I use Mamabear products if I’m allergic to milk?
Our products mostly contain no milk or its derivative products, except Almond Oat Cookies Chocolate Chip and Cookies and Cream flavors. Almond Oat Cookies in Palm Date flavor is safe and contains no milk.

Your Order

How to order Mamabear products?
Create an account by registering your email. Start shopping with your account by adding products into your cart and complete your payment after. Mamabear products are also available in our official partner stores : Tokopedia, Shopee, JD.ID. Blibli and Bukalapak.
What payment do you accept?
Our website supports all types of payment, from bank transfer (BCA & Mandiri), credit card, Gopay, and alfamart.
How long does shipping take?
Please allow 3-4 business days to process your order. Shipping time may vary based on your location.
Can I change my order or address once my payment is confirmed?
To change your order details, simply click the WhatsApp icon that will immediately connect you to our team. To change your address after payment, please kindly cancel your order and reorder.
Is there any discount for my order?
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