Each Mama’s process of delivering her baby is different. One of those is normal labor. Normal labor is the process of giving birth through vagina with medical intervention from a doctor or midwife.

Normal labor process usually happens between 37-42 weeks of pregnancy. As the estimated due date (EDD) approaches, Mama’s body will prepare to deal with the normal labor. This starts with the decrease of progesterone hormone, while oxytocin, estrogen, and prostaglandins are increased since it triggers womb contraction. Then, how do the stages of normal labor happen?

The Stages of Normal Labor

First Stage: Strong and Regular Contraction

The first stages of the normal labor process is Mama will have mild to strong contractions regularly.  This stage is divided into three more phases, that are early (latent) phase, active phase, and transition phase. During the early phase or latent, the contractions start but it is not that strong and hasn’t appeared constantly. Mama may also experience muscle cramp around pelvis and uterus, water break, and a small amount of mucus and blood released since the cervix starts opening. 

Contractions get stronger and more regular during the active phase. Besides, Mama will also feel severe back pain, nausea, or even vomiting. If Mama’s water hasn’t broken yet during the early phase, then your water will break during this phase. 

In the transition phase, contractions become stronger and intense. Baby’s head will move down from the uterus to the birth canal, and Mama will start to have the urge to push.

Second Stage: Push and Labor

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Mama will experience the urge to push when contractions occur. In this condition, the baby is ready to be born. Mama will face a severe pain during contractions since the baby’s head stretches tissue around vagina. Mama needs to control your breath and follow the doctor or midwife’s instructions to push correctly. This process takes about 1-2 hours. At the end of this second stage, the baby is born. If the baby is healthy and there are no defects found by the doctor or midwife, Mama will be helped to do early initiation of breastfeeding (EIBF).

Third stage: Delivering The Placenta

The last stage of the normal labor process is placenta delivery. There will be contractions again to help the placenta come out and stop the bleeding. The contractions are mild and do not really cause a severe pain like the previous one. If there is any tear in the birth canal during labor, then the doctor or midwife will stitch it.

After going through those three stages of normal labor, the doctor or midwife will monitor Mama for the next 1-2 hours after the labor. 

Well, Mam, This is what a normal labor process looks like. To confirm that Mama can do normal labor or caesar instead, Mama needs to consult with an obstetrician. Whatever ways Mama takes to give birth to your little one, Mama is a great mom. Best of luck until the baby arrives, Mam!

Writer: Fathiya Rahmah

Translator: Aning Luthfiyah

Editor: Mega Pratidina