Moms, do you know what type of breastmilk is good for your little one? How to produce quality breastmilk? Is it true that quality breast milk is thick? Moms will find out many things about quality breastfeeding at Mamabear.

Thick Breastmilk = Quality Breastmilk?

Maybe some Moms have felt insecure and overthinking with the words of people who are not pleasant to hear such as, “thick breast milk is quality milk for you, your milk is runny so it is not of good quality.” Of course, hearing something like that hurts you.

However, Moms, you don’t need to worry about what people say about thick breast milk is quality breast milk. Because, in reality this is a hoax.

So, breast milk is divided into two types of breast milk, thin and watery breast milk (foremilk) and thick breast milk (hindmilk). What are the characteristics of these two types of breast milk?

1.Thin and Watery Breastmilk (Foremilk)

• Usually comes out when just starting breastfeeding or pumping

• Breastmilk is slightly clear and bluish white in color

• Rich in lactose content

• Very good for the development of the baby’s brain

2. Thick Breastmilk (Hindmilk)

• Thick milk usually appears after discharge of foremilk

• Serves to satisfy hunger

• Has a concentrated white color

• Rich in fat which will help your little one meet their calorie needs

• Protects organs

• Increase baby’s weight

So, which one is important? Yes, the answer is that both types of breast milk are very important for babies. Foremilk for brain development and Hindmilk as a source of energy for your little one. You don’t need to be insecure or overthink in finding a way to get thick milk. Because, there are two types of breast milk that Moms must fulfill.

Believe that God’s work must be of quality. Don’t be discouraged, Moms!

How to Get Quality Breast Milk?

This time Moms already know about two types of breast milk. However, you still do not feel that the milk produced is of the best quality and wants to give the best quality and increase production of breastmilk.

So, how do you get high-quality breast milk for your little one? Take it easy Moms, because currently there are products available to improve the quality and production of breast milk from Mamabear. What are the products available at Mamabear? One of them is the Mamabear Breastmilk Booster Tea.

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