After 9 months of pregnancy without the arrival of “the moon”, Mama experienced a “similar” moment after the little one was born. Known as the postpartum period, a similar period with menstruation lasts approximately 1-2 months after giving birth. What about the monthly period after the postpartum period is over? Is there a way to count your period after postpartum?

How to Count Periods After Postpartum

Reporting from Healthline, the first period generally returns about 6-8 weeks after giving birth. But in Mothers who breastfeed, menstruation may not come for a long time. This is due to the role of breastfeeding hormones in regulating the amount of reproductive hormones.

Prolactin hormone, which is in charge of producing breast milk, suppresses the amount of estrogen, a reproductive hormone, so that your menstrual cycle has not returned to normal until an indefinite period. Every Mother who breastfeeds does not have a definite time benchmark for calculating menstruation after postpartum.. Because each Mama has a different cycle and stability of hormones.

Counting Menstruation After Postpartum for The Next Pregnancy

One of the reasons you count your period after postpartum is your next pregnancy! Maybe you want to delay pregnancy or even plan your next pregnancy directly.

But did you know that counting menstruation after postpartum is not a 100% determinant of the fertile period to prevent or plan pregnancy? According to  Medical News Today, the fertile period can occur even before you get your first period after giving birth. So Mom, you may still get pregnant again. 

Mamas who breastfeed may hear that breastfeeding can be used as a natural birth control to prevent subsequent pregnancies from happening too soon. Breastfeeding as a natural birth control is called the Lactation Amenorrhea Method (LAM), which can occur on the condition that:

  • Mama who only breastfeeds;
  • Mama has not had her first period after giving birth;
  • Your child is less than 6 months old.

So, if these conditions are not met, you have a high possibility of getting pregnant.

Changes in Menstruation After Childbirth

Counting your period after postpartum is not the same for every mama who breastfeeds. Likewise, with the changes that occur in menstruation after childbirth. Menstruation after giving birth can be different from your period before giving birth. In fact, what you experience during menstruation after giving birth to the first child can be different from what you experience after giving birth to the second child or so on.

Menstruation after postpartum can be more, less, longer, shorter, even more painful when experiencing cramps. This happens because the uterus first enlarges due to pregnancy, then returns to its original size after giving birth. The endometrial lining that sheds every time you have your period is still adjusting to these recent changes. So, menstruation after childbirth can also vary the symptoms.

Other Things That Affect Menstruation After Childbirth

In addition to breastfeeding hormones, there are several other things that affect menstruation after childbirth. Although counting periods after postpartum may not be certain, the first period can come when Mama’s stress level increases or there is an infection that is not yet known to be the cause that causes Mama to bleed more. If Mama experiences this, there is no harm in consulting a doctor directly to check what is happening in the womb.

From the explanation above, we become more aware that counting menstruation after postpartum can be done if Mama does not breastfeed. But, Mamas who breastfeed have an uncertain time calculating menstruation after postpartum. In addition, calculating menstruation after postpartum is also not used as a benchmark to determine the next pregnancy. Menstruation after postpartum also has a variety of symptoms experienced by each Mama. The important point is, if Mama experiences abnormal periods, immediately see a doctor to check yourself.

What was your experience during period after postpartum?

Penulis: Wendy Belinda

Translator: Zatalini Syadni

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