What is Mama Bear Lactation Booster?

Lactation Booster Tea – Mama Bear is one of the best brands of food products and lactation booster tea drinks and has been proven to boost breast milk. Mama Bear is produced using high quality herbal ingredients. As the best food and beverage product for breastfeeding, to date Mama Bear has helped more than 500,000 mothers. Mama Bear also has communities on various social media platforms managed by an expert in her field that aims to help and educate mothers throughout Indonesia, this community contains tips and tricks on being a good mother to your children. If you are interested in joining us you can visit the following link Mama Bear

Mam Bear Lactation Booster Tea Products and Its Composition

Mama Bear has collections of various lactation booster food and drink products. Here are Mama Bear lactation booster products :

1. Lactation Zoya Mix

For Lactation Booster product Lactation Zoya Mix, we have 3 flavors namely Banana, Chocolate and Melon. Lactation zoya Mix has many ingredients including:

  • Fenugreek, Moringa, Curcuma, Anise, Fennel dan Habbatussauda.
  • High Sources of Omega 3 & Omega 6. Play a role in brain development and intelligence, child growth, vision, improving the quality of breast milk and mental development.
  • Source of Folic Acid. Folic Acid plays a role in growth, cell division, and red blood cell formation.
  • Source of Calcium. Calcium plays a role in the formation and maintenance of bone and tooth density.
  • Choline, Choline is an essential nutrient needed for health, brain, and physiological intelligence.
  • Selenium, Selenium serves to facilitate the functioning of the immune system and thyroid gland
  • Zinc, Zinc plays a role in various enzymes and is important for growth.

Check our Lactation Zoya Mix products below.

2. Mama Bear Herbal Tea Lactation Booster

The next lactation booster drink from Mama Bear are herbal tea made from natural ingredients such as fenugreek, moringa, curcuma, anise, fennel and habbatussauda, 100% Herbal, Halal and safe for consumption. The packaging can also be practically carried everywhere, this product is also in the form of a tea bag that is ready to be brewed, without side effects, does not cause dependence. Sugar / honey can be added according to taste.

Check our Lactation Booster Herbal Tea products below.

3. Pelancar ASI Booster MamaBear Kukis Almond Oat

For our almond oat lactation booster products, we have two variants, the first is MamaBear Lactation Booster Almond Oat Cookies Variant Chocochip, and the second is MamaBear Lactation Booster Almond Oat Cookies and Cookies and Cream, this product already has an official permit from BPOM RI with code BPOM RI MD 236213003799 and also has Halal certification from MUI with code 07200046370418, 1 pouch of cookies containing 150 gr made from quality ingredients such as Oatmeal, Almonds and flax seeds (containing butter). Mama Bear Almond Oat Cookie Lactation Booster products can be consumed by all ages, this product is also very good to consume since pregnancy to prepare breast milk glands in pregnant women, note this product also contains cow’s milk derivatives.

Check our Lactation Booster Mama Bear Almond Cookies products below.

Benefits of Lactation Booster Mama Bear Smoothing Tea

Mama Bear lactation booster products are produced with high quality ingredients, one of which is Fenugreek which can be obtained from grains with amazing benefits. Fenugreek can be petrified to stimulate and maintain, and even can increase milk production.

Lactation Booster Drinks

To increase breast milk production, many mothers try a variety of ways, one of which is by drinking breast milk booster, here are some drinks that can boost breast milk production.

Mineral Water

Mineral water can be used as one of the drinks facilitating breast milk, consumption of mineral water can increase the volume of breast milk, besides consuming mineral water can replace fluids lost during breastfeeding and avoid dehydration, nursing mothers should consume 13 glasses or 3. 1 l of mineral water per day .

Almond Milk

In addition to mineral water, can also be used as a breast milk booster, not all milk is good for mothers who are breastfeeding, because it can affect the mood of babies, one of the milk that can increase breast milk production is Almond milk. Almonds contain omega 3 and vitamin E. The hormone that produces a lot of milk can be obtained by consuming omega 3, while vitamin E can help heal the itching caused by stretch marks after the mother gives birth.

Fruit and Vegetable Juice

To increase breast milk production, you should consume fruit juice that contains 100% fruit without the addition of syrup or sugar, in addition to the vegetable juice, you should also pay attention to the sodium content contained in the packaging.

Cow Milk 

In cow’s milk contains essential fatty acids (EFA) and calcium so that it can be used as a good milk facilitating drink, consuming cow’s milk while breastfeeding can help children avoid cow’s milk allergy and can also increase milk production.

Herbal Tea

Some types of tea can increase milk production, but you also have to be careful there are also some teas that contain lemon balm, peppermint, and ginseng that can reduce breast milk production and are also dangerous for children and their mothers.

Seltzer Water

Seltzer water is soda water that is high in minerals and can also be considered healthy, this drink does not contain caffeine and is also sugar free so that it can also be consumed as a breast milk drinks. Seltzer water is usually served with a fruit flavor.

P.S. : If you don’t want to be bothered and want practical things, you can consume mama bear products. All Mama Bear products contain ingredients that can boost your milk production. Such as Lactation Zoya Mix products made from cow’s milk and other ingredients that can be used as your breast milk booster, Herbal Tea Products products made specifically as milk facilitator in the form of Tea, Almond Cookies snack products made specifically as breast milk booster containing Almonds, where Almonds are one of the best ingredients for boosting your breast milk production.


1. Of all the products, which product is the best?

All products are good mom, each product has different advantages, for example, zoya mix products and tea are used to accelerate and multiply the production of breast milk, while zoya mix and almond cookies are useful to improve the quality of breast milk so that it is thicker, depending on your needs, Mom, our advice first try the products mom one by one, so that maximum results we also recommend combining the use of its products.

2. How do you consume all three products together?

If you intend to consume all products at the same time, we suggest that consumption be interspersed, for example morning consuming zoya mix for your breakfast. The tea is consumed after lunch, afternoon can consume tea or zoya mix, after dinner can drink mama bear milk tea, the cookies can be consumed for snacks while relaxing, cookies can also be consumed at any time.

3. How long will the results be seen?

The results for each individual will vary mom, depending on many things, for example mom’s stress level, the amount of breastfeeding hormones (oxytocin and prolactin) and the mother’s milk glands. For the results there is a new drink one day has seen the results (more production of breast milk and faster), and there are also those who regularly consume one week the results are visible.

4. What products can pregnant women consume?

Almond Oat cookies products are very suitable for consumption by pregnant women, because it can help prepare the breast milk gland tissue, in order to accelerate the production of breast milk after delivery later.

5. How long does the shipment take?

Product delivery is estimated 3-4 working days.

6. Are There Reviews About Products Mama Bear?

Yes, you can click this link to read the experiences of people who have consumed Mama bear products.


  • If you want a change of flavor you can choose the variations menu
  • The address can not be replaced if the order has been checked
  • If you fill in the wrong address, then the order is canceled first, then can re-order.

Zaskia Adya Mecca’s Testimony

Being a mother is an amazing experience, especially if it’s your first time having a child, you are required to be a new person and that might be a little confusing for you, where now you are not only taking care of your husband, but must take care of new family members, namely children. You, taking care of a child for someone who just became a mother is not easy and need self-adjustment, because even a little mistake in caring for your baby can be fatal.

One of the problems commonly encountered problem by a mother is the lack of breast milk that comes out, this is a serious situation because breast milk is the main food for newborns, if your child is deficient in consuming milk then your child’s growth can be disrupted, to solve the problem of lack of breast milk you can consume food products and breast milk booster drinks products that are being sld, one of the best food products and breast milk drinks is Mama Bear’s Lactation Booster Tea.

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