Moms when giving birth there are two hormones that will decrease namely the hormone progesterone and estrogen. With the decrease of these two hormones, it will affect the production of breast milk. Not only that, your menstrual cycle might be like usual. This is because breast milk and menstruation do have some relations to each other.

Menstrual Cycle During Breastfeeding

Moms already know that breast milk and menstruation are related to one another. When the demand for breast milk begins to fall, it could be because the breast is full of milk and not released will affect the hormone progesterone. The hormone progesterone will increase and the hormone prolactin decrease which affects the duration.

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Moms need to underline that the cause of menstruation is due to decreased milk production which causes menstruation rather than vice versa. What is the menstrual cycle when breastfeeding when the demand for milk from a baby decreases?

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Moms do not get confused with breast milk and menstruation. If the demand for breast milk decreases the menstrual cycle can occur due to several things. For example, this happens because the baby’s sleeping hours starts to be very long (can reach 4 more hours), the baby gets other food apart from breast milk, the baby’s condition who rarely starts breastfeeding and is very short in duration, and Moms rarely empty the breast either directly fed or pumped.

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Signs of Moms Will Experience Menstruation

At the time Moms will experience menstrual periods while breastfeeding. The most prominent sign that occurs in Moms is pain in the nipple area. The cause of this pain is due to changes in the body’s hormones. With the change in hormones will certainly make milk production also decreases. For pain in the area of ​​the nipple, this only occurs on the first day.

The next sign that Moms will feel when undergoing menstruation is the milk production which decreases over time. Usually it will happen before and after menstrual moms. If you want to boost your breast milk production, it is recommended to use Mamabear Lactation Booster.

The last sign Moms can notice is that the taste of breast milk that comes out is different from before. Why do you know that the taste of breast milk can change? Some baby may refuse breast milk that tastes different from before. So, Moms must pay attention to this. This is great for Moms to know in order to know the coming menstrual cycle.

How could the taste of breast milk change? Moms breast milk taste can change because of menstrual periods. The composition of breast milk can change. Which composition changes? The composition of Sodium and Chloride increases while Lactose and Potassium decrease. So this is what makes breast milk not as sweet as before. Hopefully this information can be useful well for Moms.

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