Moms, has Moms ever store breast milk? When breastfeeding breast milk, Moms can use basic principles in the breastfeeding technique. Do you know how many principles are there for breastfeeding? Come on, learn the following breastfeeding techniques, Moms!

The principles in milking breast milk

So, in milking Moms Moms must apply several principles. There are several principles that must be done including the following:

  • Use comfortable techniques to pump breast milk from a breast.
  • Squeeze breast milk using the right breastfeeding funnel and suitable size.
  • Pump enough breast milk and then breastfeed directly.

Moms, that’s 3 principles for conducting proper breastfeeding techniques. So, by applying this principle, milking will definitely run smoothly.

Techniques in milking milk

Moms need to know that in the breastfeeding technique there are several kinds. Here are some techniques for expressing milk including the following:

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Regular Pumping

Regular pumping is a breastfeeding technique that Moms can do. So, to do this technique you only need to pump your breasts for 2 hours and can be done with a duration of 15 minutes to 20 minutes. This is done every session of each breast.

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Power Pumping

Power pumping is a technique of pumping milk done by breastfeeding a baby on growth spurt. What is growth spurts? Growth spurts are accelerating growth. When compared with regular pumping, the duration of pumping is longer.

This pumping power can be done in two ways, namely single pump and double pump. So, this single pump method can be done by pumping the right breast for 10 minutes and the left breast for 10 minutes. When, Moms use the double pump method, it can be done by pumping the left and right breasts for 20 minutes and resting for 10 minutes.

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Cluster Pumping

So, Moms who had experienced less production of breast milk is recommended to use the cluster pumping technique. This pumping cluster is suitable for returning breast milk production which had decreased.

To do the cluster pumping method, Moms can determine a schedule for 65 minutes and is done 2x in one day. Moms can follow the schedule that has been created on the picture. Don’t forget Moms, apply the technique that suits Moms comfort.

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