Moms, currently the world is fighting the corona virus (COVID-19). With the corona virus that attacks most countries in the world, Moms and their families and beloved babies must remain vigilant with this virus, yes. Many things we can do to help avoid this virus, you know, Moms.

Do Social Distancing

Moms must continue to maintain health and do social distancing to fight the corona virus. All that, for the sake of family and beloved baby. Moms can still breastfeed to meet the needs of the baby. Breast milk can be given to babies and WHO recommends breast milk to be given up to 6 months.

Are you confused with social distancing? This time, Moms will know what to do in social distancing. Easy, social distancing is the same as keeping a distance with other people. Means Moms must be able to keep a distance between one person and another person at least one meter, especially in public areas, Moms.

Why does Moms need to do social distancing? Because, Moms will never know when interacting with people out there. People that you interact with might have been infected with Corona Virus. Corona virus itself my not manifest any symptoms but can still transmit you know, Moms. So, how should Moms face social distancing?

1. Keep away from the crowd

During this social distancing, you have to stay away from the crowd. For example, if not urgent, Moms do not go to the Market or the Mall first. If you want to buy food or have an urgent need, make sure Moms maintain a minimum distance of 1 meter and avoid direct contact with others.

2. Perform activities in the house

Moms, with social distancing, all activities should be carried out in the house. Working moms are recommended to work from home if possible. Likewise for teaching and learning activities for children. Avoid any events that may gather many people in one place to avoid contacts with crowds.

3. Maintain endurance

Although currently only in the house, Moms can also routinely sunbathe, By exposing yourself to the sun for some time. Make sure the air circulation at home is also good, Moms, so it is not moist and Moms stay healthy.

Ini Dia Tips Menjaga Diri dari COVID-19

Protect Yourself from Corona When Traveling

At the moment Moms want to travel in conditions where the world is fighting the corona virus. Moms need to prepare equipment to protect themselves from the corona virus. Some items that Moms need to carry are masks, hand sanitizers, dry tissues, wet tissues, and own eating utensils.

When Moms is outside, especially where Moms have to be close to other people, Moms need to wear a mask. When there is no soap and water, Moms can use a hand sanitizer as an alternative to maintaining hand hygiene. Moms also need to remember not to touch the face.

Next is a dry tissue and wet tissue. When you do not have time to wash your hands, do not touch your face with your bare hands. Moms can use dry tissue as an alternative and wet tissue to clean objects to be held. If Moms want to be safe when eating outside the home, then it’s better to bring your own cutlery just in case.

Well, here are some tips from Mamabear, Moms. Hopefully this is useful.

Stay safe and healthy, Moms!

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