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Moms, do you know about early initiation of breastfeeding yet? Yes, early initiation of breastfeeding is an Early Breastfeeding Initiation. Many tablets Moms the benefits of early initiation of breastfeeding if applied to your child early on. This also affects the activities of Moms in giving ASI for the future. Does Moms want to know the benefits of this early initiation of breastfeeding? Surely curious, right?

The Benefits Obtained by Implementing early initiation of breastfeeding

Moms, there are so many benefits of early initiation of breastfeeding when applied. The benefits that can be felt and the most prominent is the baby will suckle more often than ever before Moms. Moms certainly want the milk needed by your child to be fulfilled right?

Not only that, there are many other benefits for babies. Other benefits are to reduce the risk of hyportemia that occurs in your child, reduce stress hormone levels, and provide an opportunity for bonding to the baby. Not only your child, Moms also get the benefits! Moms will also get the benefits of early initiation of breastfeeding currently applied.

The benefits of early initiation of breastfeeding now for Moms are the same as for babies who get the chance to bond, increase the hormone oxytocin Moms, and increase the hormone prolactin. Early initiation OF breastfeeding provides positive benefits for Moms and little ones of course. A little extra for Moms, with the early initiation OF breastfeeding can distribute good bacteria Moms to your child.

Steps and Stages in early initiation of breastfeeding

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Moms are you interested in applying early initiation of breastfeeding to babies? These are the steps that Moms need to take, including the following:

  • The baby is lying on his stomach Moms, this must be done immediately when born. A condition where the baby and Moms are both bare-chested.
  • Moms dry all the fluids in the baby’s body except the palm of the hand. The smell of amniotic fluid on the baby’s hands can help the baby to look for nipples.
  • Give your little ones a blanket and let them find Moms nipples. When, the baby has found it, then let them suckle on Moms breast nipples.
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Already know the stages in the early initiation of breastfeeding moms? There are several stages that need to be known Moms. In the 6th minute, Moms will see the baby open his eyelids. The 11th minute, the baby starts licking Moms breast. The 12th minute, the baby begins to put his hand in his mouth. The 21st minute, your little one starts looking for Moms nipples.

In the 25th minute, then the little one began to put his wet hands into Moms breast. The 27th minute, the baby begins to remove his tongue and sip the nipple from Moms. In the 80th minute, the baby can start breastfeeding itself into Moms breast. So, let’s apply early initiation of breastfeeding!

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