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Moms, because there are other busy things that must be done sometimes Moms have to give up time not to give breast milk directly to your child directly. Sometimes, Moms also need to pump the breast milk first and store breast milk in a storage container. When doing that, Moms must know tips for storing breast milk.

Tips on Storing Breast milk

Moms certainly want to know about tips for storing breast milk, right? What should be done to store it properly? It should be noted, Moms, to use a suitable breast milk storage bag. Do you have it? If not, Moms use Mamabear breast milk bag.

The Mamabear breast milk storage bag is capable of holding as much as 200 milliliter. This bag is economical to use and saves space in the freezer. When Moms have it, you can store your breast milk safely with this storage bag.

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Tips on storing breast milk so that the nutrition is maintained is very easy. The way to store breast milk is to make sure to store with a stable temperature and no drastic changes. The higher the freezing temperature of the freezer freezes breast milk, the longer the durability of using breast milk.

Moms want the maximum nutrition in breast milk when consumed by babies. So the thing to note is that when thawing or warming breast milk that comes out of the freezer, is to use stable temperature. When breast milk storage time is shorter, the quality of the content will be better.

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There is also tips for storing breastmilk in the freezer so that it is neatly organized. So Moms use a breast milk bag from Mamabear, remove all the air in the bag, write down the time details in the breast milk bag, and put it in a sleeping position so that the breast milk bag becomes flat.

Different breast milks Can Be Combined

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Does Moms think breast milk with different pumping sessions can be combined? Moms can actually combine breast milk from different pumping sessions. However, there are some things that need attention. So, do not just carelessly combine breast milk with one another. There is also an important note, Moms, namely the durability of the combined breast milk follows the endurance of the first breast milk.

What things need to be considered when combining breast milk with different dairy sessions? The thing to note is that the breast milk that will be combined has a gap between sessions less than 24 hours, the temperature of the breast milk has to be the same, and breast milk has not hit the baby’s mouth yet.

That’s the tips on storing breast milk, Moms. We hope it can be helpful for you.

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