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Breast milk is food that will be consumed by the baby to nourish his body and will affect the growth and development. Moms, of course, when giving direct Breast Milk certainly must have been stored to store breastmilk in a bag and make it frozen Breast Milk. When Moms choose to keep Breast Milk in the freezer, of course Moms must know how to thaw frozen Breast Milk.

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The Right Way to Thaw Frozen Breast Milk

Moms discuss about frozen Breast Milk, of course Moms must know how to thaw frozen Breast Milk correctly. There are 3 ways to thaw frozen Breast Milk, which are only left in a cold cupboard, Breast Milk soaked in warm water, and drained with warm water. Moms can choose one of the three.

When Moms choose to thaw frozen Breast Milk by leaving it in the refrigerator, it’s easy. Moms just have to move frozen that was previously stored in the freezer Breast Milk to a chiller. Moms can wait for 12-24 hours. When the Breast Milk conditions are completely liquid, the next day Moms can give their milk to the baby.

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The next way to thaw frozen Breast Milk is to soak it in a container of warm water. Moms can first warm the water first and when it’s warm enough, check the temperature of the water in the basin. If it is around <40° C then you can put the Breast Milk bag in the container. Do not let the Breast Milk bag seal get warm water so that it prevents water from entering the bottle / Breast Milk bag. After soaking Breast Milk in a container when the water has begun to cool, Moms can replace the water again with warm water. Do this repeatedly until the frozen Breast Milk has thawed completely.

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The last way to thaw frozen Breast Milk is to drain the bag with warm water. Moms here need tap water at home that can change either cold or hot. At first, Moms only need to flow cold water using a tap then Moms can change the temperature little by little to warmer temperature water. Moms can do it 1-2x in order to be thaw it completely.

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