Moms, you might have started breastfeeding now. When Moms will breastfeed a baby with breast milk, there are two possibilities, namely direct breastfeeding or pumped breast milk. When Moms will give breast milk, Does Moms already know the lip tied and tongue tied in babies? Does your baby experience it?

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Characteristics of Babies Who Have Lip-tied and Tongue-tied

Did Moms ever feel that when a baby suckles there is a clicking sound and it is difficult to attach his mouth to the breast when breastfed? Or, Moms feel the baby has been drinking milk well but growing a little weight? There may be lip tied or tongue tied to the baby.

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What is lip tied and tongue tied in babies? Lip tied occurs when the frenulum behind the upper lip is too short, making it difficult for the baby to move their lips. Meanwhile, tongue lip is when the frenulum behind the lower lip is located in the middle of a short size, making it difficult for babies to move their lips.

What are the signs of lip tied and tongue tied in babies? The signs that occur when a baby experiences a lie tie or tongue tied are when you breastfeed then there is a click, the newborn baby suckles more but there is no rapid growth in body weight, and looks lethargic as if they don’t get breastfeed and cries often.

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There are physical signs also Moms especially when the baby is tongue tied. Physical signs that Moms will be able to see in infants are when the baby cries, the tongue position is not too raised upward, the tip of the child’s tongue looks flat and curved like a heart shape, and part of the tongue looks sunken or pulled downward.

Moms Things That Will Be Experienced When Your Baby Has Lip Tied and Tongue Tied

When a baby experiences lip tied and tongue tied, of course Moms will feel uncomfortable. There are some things that make Moms uncomfortable, because they will experience blisters, Moms breasts swell, and milk production decrease.

Seeing some things that will be experienced by Moms, to overcome this, Moms needs to go to a lactation counselor. There are cases that must be resolved by frenotomy (cutting the frenulum), some are not. If you decide not to frenotomy, Moms can still breastfeed comfortably with a nipple shield or give ASIP using non-bottled media.

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