Jaundice can occur in newborns, with signs including the skin and the whites of the baby’s eyes that are yellow. The condition of this yellow baby is generally harmless and can heal on its own after a few days or weeks, but can also be harmful to the baby.

In addition, the condition of yellow babies is also marked by the urine of a baby that is dark yellow, even though the urine of a newborn baby is colorless. Other signs of this condition are pale baby stools, as well as baby palms and yellow feet.

Causes of Newborn Jaundice

The cause of newborn jaundice is the presence of high levels of Bilirubin or yellow pigment in the baby’s body. Increased levels of Bilirubin in a baby’s body can be caused by certain things. At birth, the baby’s body begins to produce its own red blood cells and has high blood cell levels, which triggers the production of Bilirubin.

It also causes the yellow pigment to break down in the blood, which is then processed by the liver and excreted through the baby’s bowel and bladder. However, because the baby’s liver has not been able to function perfectly, the Bilirubin processing process does not occur as fast as the increased Bilirubin levels.

That is the cause of excessive levels of Bilirubin in the baby’s body, so the skin and the whites of the baby’s eyes turn yellow. Discoloration in newborns is a natural condition. This condition usually appears on the 3rd day until the 5th day after the baby is born, and this condition will gradually disappear by itself gradually.

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Handling Newborn Jaundice

To deal with the condition of a newborn jaundice, there are two ways you can do, namely by giving the baby colostrum and dried in the sun. This method aims so that Bilirubin (the yellow pigment that causes the condition of yellow) can be immediately out of the baby’s body so that it can relieve the yellow condition experienced by the baby.

– Give Colostrum

Colostrum is the first food a newborn baby has an important role for the health of babies who come out of the breast before the mother’s milk (breast milk). Colostrum taken by infants has a laxative effect that can help the baby in removing Bilirubin through bowel or bladder better.

– Exposing to the sun

The condition of yellow in infants can also be overcome by drying the baby in the sun or by phototherapy. Babies that are exposed to the sun become thirsty quickly, so they drink more milk. Breast milk will help smooth the process of bowel movements in infants, and Bilirubin will come out through bowel movements so that the yellow condition becomes faster and faster.

mamabear - penyebab dan penanganan bayi kuning

If the mother has applied the two steps above but the jaundice in the baby does not go away for almost 1 month, coupled with the baby’s weight that does not increase, then you should immediately take the baby to the doctor. Because it could be that the condition of the yellow baby is not natural, but leads to “Newborn Hepatitis”.

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