For a moment, the baby is breastfed, but then he lets it go. Once again, he is breastfed, uh-huh! he lets it go again. Whose baby is also like this when breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding focus which often gets distracted like this actually shows that the baby has started to have awareness toward his surroundings. His sight also gets clearer, making the baby often get distracted from breastfeeding and pay attention to the things around him. Are there any special tips to make the baby focus on breastfeeding?

Tips to Make Baby Focus on Breastfeeding

  1. Breastfeeding in Quiet/Calm Places with Dim Lighting

A little baby loves quiet places which are not too bright, and also far from noise. Noisy sounds may come from TV that is on or other family members who are having conversations. The baby will get distracted, and doesn’t focus on breastfeeding. By breastfeeding the little one in a quiet place with dim lighting, the baby will get spared from any potential disturbance that can bother him so he can focus on breastfeeding. Furthermore, this condition will help the baby fall asleep faster while breastfeeding.

  1. Breastfeeding When the Little One Starts to Feel Sleepy

When the little one starts to feel sleepy, he will ignore any distractions around him and try to sleep. Mama can take this chance to breastfeed the little one. The little one will also focus on breastfeeding and fall asleep easier.

  1. Wearing a Necklace or Something Interesting on the Neck for the Baby to Play When Breastfeeding

Wearing a necklace or something interesting on Mama’s neck apparently can be a fascination for the baby. The location of a necklace or other accessories on the neck, the ears, face, and head precisely can help the little one to focus on breastfeeding. Stuff like this can attract the baby to focus on breastfeeding while playing with what’s in front of him instead of getting interested in other things.

  1. More Frequent Breastfeeding at Night.

The little one often feels uneasy and cannot focus on breastfeeding during the daytime because of some disturbance. Mama can keep breastfeeding the little one as often as possible in a shorter duration. Mama can also continue to breastfeed during the nighttime since the atmosphere is quieter and it can help the baby focus on Mama’s breastfeeding.

  1. Paying attention to the Baby’s Attachment Position

Mama also needs to pay attention to the attachment position between the baby’s mouth and the breasts correctly. The reason is, it’s possible that an inaccurate attachment position makes the baby unable to focus on breastfeeding, or even doesn’t want to breastfeed. Finding the correct attachment technique helps the baby suck more smoothly so he wants to breastfeed directly and calmly from the breasts.

  1. Giving Breast Milk When the Baby Feels Hungry

When feeling hungry, the baby will show some signs, such as moving his body suddenly, clenching his hands, and sucking his hands. The baby wants to immediately focus on breastfeeding. It’s better for Mama to immediately breastfeed since the hungry baby will focus on breastfeeding, while on the other hand, the starving baby has more potential to reject breastfeeding. 

Mam, these are some tips from MAMABEAR so the baby can focus on breastfeeding. Which tips number that Mama has tried to do? 

Writer: Fathiya Rahmah

Translator: Ivana Meyi

Editor: Mega Pratidina





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