The Journey of Mamabear Indonesia

At a glance, the story of Mamabear is simply about a mother’s goal to provide breast milk for her children. But on a deeper and more personal level, Mamabear is about true dedication and perseverance, as well as overcoming challenges of motherhood, both physically and emotionally, through the power of well-researched nutritionals ingredients.

Meet Agnes Susanti Widjaja, the mama of three kids and Mamabear Indonesia. Like all mothers, our founder began her own breastfeeding journey with excitement and positivity. Thinking that breastfeeding is a natural process for all, Agnes soon realized that reality was far from it. 

Besides low breast milk supply, inadequate lactation techniques, and insufficient weight gain for her baby, Agnes was also dealing with baby blues and postpartum depression tendency. Ages then had to give up her dream of exclusively breastfeeding her firstborn. 

As many mothers would tell you, giving up the breastfeeding dream is a crushing one. Yet for Agnes, it’s impactful and motivating at the same time. Driven by her own experience and background as a Bachelor of Science in Food Technology & Nutrition, she discovered the promising effects of natural active ingredients, scientific formulations and other important details to help breastfeeding mothers. 

Long story short, Mamabear Indonesia was then founded in 2016 focusing only on quality products that deliver results. Each Mamabear product holds the same philosophy of well researched, naturally formulated and locally manufactured with the highest standard of hygiene. All designed to guide, nurture and protect your health – just like a Mamabear would.  

Today, Mamabear has helped over 500 breastfeeding mothers all around the nation, helping and supporting each other. Mamabear also has over 500 agents based in Indonesia, Phillipine and more, ready to reach out and provide you with the best breastfeeding solutions.

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Why Mamabear?

  • Quality In Every Aspect

The commitment for quality is fundamental to Mamabear’s success. From day one, our founder prioritizes only the best of natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to help boost breast milk production. Our quality assurance also applies to production with technology, hygiene and final results. 

  • Halal & BPOM Certified

To further prove our commitment in providing breastfeeding solutions, each Mamabear consumable products have been fully tested and certified. Find Halal & BPOM approved items, with proper labels and information in our store. 

  • Proudly & Locally Manufactured

Mamabear is 100% locally made. We love the fact that our motherland holds the endless natural ingredients that work organically for our wellbeing, inside and out. 

  • Delicious Taste

Nutritions work best when it comes with excellent taste. Through food innovation and processing techniques, we’re able to provide delicious drinks and snacks, complete with all its nutritional powers. 

  • A Community For All

Mamabear Indonesia is not only about product selling, but also a platform that offers educational materials, support for motherhood and a place to share lactation tips, techniques, stories and more. Find us on our different channels and join our strong community.


All Mamabear Products are Halal & BPOM Certified.