Moms, do you have problems with increasing breastmilk production back after it decreases? Stay calm, Moms! Let’s learn about Power Pumping technique which will help with increasing your breastmilk production.

What is Power Pumping?

Power Pumping is a technique for breastfeeding your little one that mimics a baby during a growth spurt where the baby is breastfeeding longer and more frequent. So, do you know about growth spurt? Growth spurt is a condition in which your little one’s growth experiences an acceleration which usually occurs when they are 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months, and 6 months old.

During a growth spurt, your child will be more attached to Moms. What are the characteristics of your little one experiencing growth spurt? Usually your little one asks to breastfeed frequently, doesn’t seem to feel full, and your little one looks fussy all day long. These phases occur from 3 to 7 days.

When you feel that your little one is breastfeeding more frequently and more frequent than usual, you will experience an increase in milk production. This is what will be adopted as power pumping technique. Power Pumping is a technique that mimics a baby who is in a growth spurt that can stimulate milk production to increase. Moms can do 2 pump power pumping or 1 pump power pumping.

How to Power Pumping?

Now, after we understand what power pumping technique is better, how do you do it? There are two ways to use 2 pumps power pumping and 1 pump power pumping.

Double Pump

2 pumps power pumping, can be done by Moms by doing a pump on the two right and left breasts. Place the pump directly to both breasts and pump for 20 minutes. Then, you can take a 10 minute break. Do the second pumping for 10 minutes, then rest again with a period of 10 minutes.

In carrying out the 2 pumps power pumping, the duration of 60 minutes. It can be described as 40 minutes pumping and 20 minutes rest.

Single Pump

It is different from the 1 funnel pumping pattern. This pumping pattern alternates, from pumping the right breast for 10 minutes. Furthermore, Moms can pump the left breast for 10 minutes. Performed repetitions of 3 x 10 minutes, from each of the right breast and left breast.

So, for one session in the pumping pattern of 1 pump funnel, it takes 60 minutes. It does not differ from the session applied to the technique with 2 pumps, only differs in the pattern of breast milking. In doing power pumping, it can be done between 00.00 – 04.00 where the prolactin hormone is the highest. It can be done consecutively for 3 to 7 days. The effect of increased breastmilk production will appear slowly, so don’t worry if the result at first is not satisfying for you. Power Pumping Technique to t generate demand / for stimulation. So keep up the spirit, Moms!

How about it, Moms? Do you want to give power pumping a try?

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