In the pregnancy phase, Mama often feels stomach cramps. It feels like the stomach is kneaded. The stomach also feels stiff and painful. It turns out that stomach cramps during pregnancy are a common thing that often happens to pregnant mothers. It occurs because of the change in Mama’s body which adjusts to the baby in the womb. Stomach cramps during pregnancy often happen when Mama gets up from bed, does sudden movements, and does sports activities.

According to Alodokter, stomach cramps are common symptoms in all trimesters of pregnancy. Stomach cramps during pregnancy may make Mama feel worried, but if the intensity is still on a reasonable limit, Mama doesn’t have to worry. 

“Harmful cramps are when they occur continuously along with the increase of frequency and intensity, right until they cause stomach pain and bleeding spots,” explained by dr. Merwin Tajhjadi, Sp. OG, the Obstetrics-Gynecology Specialist, quoted from the Orami page.

Then, what’s the meaning behind stomach cramps during pregnancy?

Let’s take a look at the explanation, Ma!

The Meaning Behind Stomach Camps During Pregnancy

  1. The Increase of Blood Flow

When Mama is pregnant, Mama’s pregnant body will stream blood to the womb more for the baby’s growth. This change causes pressure to the womb, making Mama experience stomach cramps during pregnancy. If the stomach cramps during pregnancy happen, Mama only needs to relax and rest until the stomach cramps subside by themselves. 

  1. The Change of the Womb Size

Every woman has a different size of womb, generally, a normal womb’s size is no more than the size of a pear.  When Mama’s gestational age increases, there will be a womb’s change which adjusts to the baby’s growth. The connective tissue or ligament which connects the pelvis and the womb will stretch, so the womb feels tight and Mama will experience stomach cramps during pregnancy. In this condition, the pain occurs not only in the stomach but also in the hip and groin.

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  1. Bloated Stomach Due to Excessive Gas 

During pregnancy, Progesterone hormone will increase and cause the digestive tract muscles to slower digesting the food that enters Mama’s body. Therefore, the food will stay in the colons within a long period of time and produce a lot of gas. Too much gas will cause an uncomfortable feeling or constipation in the stomach which creates stomach cramps during pregnancy.

Even though stomach cramps are a common thing to Mama, it doesn’t mean that they can be underestimated. There are some conditions Mama needs to be cautious of, such as stomach cramps that happen continuously along with bleeding spots from the vagina, vomit, fever, and shiver. If those things happen, it’s better for Mama to immediately consult the doctor. Hopefully, the information above can be helpful for Mama!

Writer: Anisa Luana

Translator: Ivana Meyi

Editor: Mega Pratidina






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