Pregnancy will always be something that Mama and Papa wait for. Some parents choose to program a pregnancy, whether in a natural way or by seeing a doctor in order to have a baby. It is quoted from Alodokter page, that the chance of  natural pregnancy in a healthy and fertile couple after having sex without contraception is around 15-25%. In fact, pregnancy is not all about sexual intercourse, there are other things which Mama also need to pay attention.

Successful Tips on Getting Pregnant Naturally

Below are some successful tips on pregnancy program that Mama and Papa can give a try:

  1. Having Sex During Fertile Days

As Mama has already known, the right time to have sexual intercouse is on Mama’s fertile days, that is around 14 days before ovulation starts. According to the Halodoc page, there is a higher chance of fertilization during the fertile days. 

  1. Healthy Food

Having healthy food is also one of the important things in a pregnancy program. Not only for Mama, Papa has to maintain their nutrition needs as well. Papa can consume fertility-boosted food such as green vegetables which are rich in vitamins and minerals, carrot, avocado, and bean sprouts. These foods contain omega-3 which is good for optimizing pregnancy programs. Aside from that, extra vitamins and supplements such as vitamin B, C, D, E, selenium, zinc, and iron can also help the pregnancy program since it has the potential to boost fertility.

  1. Healthy Lifestyle

Both Mama and Papa can start to have a healthy lifestyle.  Some activities of a healthy lifestyle that parents can do such as, stop smoking, not having alcohol, a good management of stress, and avoiding excessive fatigue.

  1. Exercises

By doing exercise consistently, it can also increase the chance of getting pregnant. Exercising together helps increase stamina and make the body healthier. As the body is healthy, the blood circulation is improved, and the blood supply for the reproductive organs can perform optimally. And this will also increase the chance of a successful pregnancy program. Some exercises that Mama can do such as, walking, jogging, pilates, yoga, swimming, and cycling.

  1. Getting Enough Rest

Getting enough and good sleep is also one of the essential factors in a pregnancy program. The suggested sleep duration for adults is between 7 to 8 hours a day. By having enough sleep and trying to not be excessively exhausted can help the pregnancy program succeed. 

  1. Maintaining Body Weight

Mama as well as Papa are suggested to maintain their ideal body weight during the pregnancy program. Cited from the Halodoc page, parents which have an ideal body weight can increase the reproductive function effectively such as fixing ovulation cycles and menstruation. And as for Papa, by maintaining body weight, it can improve concentration and sperm quality. 

  1. Medical Check Up

Medical check up is essential too. It is aiming to know how ready Mama and Papa’s physic to have the pregnancy program as well as find solutions if there are any health problems, so that the pregnancy program can be carried out optimally.

Well, that is all tips on getting pregnant naturally that Mama and Papa can give a try. Best of luck for all Mama & Papa out there!

Penulis: Luqmanul Hakim

Translator: Aning Luthfiyah

Editor: Mega Pratidina