Breast milk is food from babies that is very good for growth and development. When a baby’s growth and development is influenced by nutrition from breast milk, Moms must also be able to provide the best. The nutrients needed by babies today are fat in breast milk.

How to Get More Fat from Breast Milk for Babies

Moms certainly want to provide the best nutrition for the baby, right? Moms can provide milk and let the baby get the nutrition from fat in breast milk. There are several ways that Moms can do to get more fat from breastmilk to be consumed by the baby. Moms need to do these 5 things to get breast milk fat.

  • Pay attention to the interval and duration

Moms who want to provide breast milk fat nutrition to babies better pay attention to the interval and duration of breastfeeding. So, Moms can shorten the distance of sessions for breastfeeding or pumping, maximizing the time given for breastfeeding or pumping per session. By doing so, giving interval and duration will make the emptying of the breast more maximal. So, then Moms can provide fat in breast milk for babies.

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  • Direct Breastfeeding Techniques

When Moms want to breastfeed your baby, it is possible to pump first so that when the baby is breastfeeding, so the baby can get fat in breast milk from the breast milk more optimally.

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  • Pumped Breastmilk Administration Techniques

Moms need to know that in pumped breastmilk, the fat content in breast milk will usually be separated when stored. This fat is separate from the others at the top itself. Moms can separate the fat into other containers and give baby fat first milk.

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  • Pay Attention to Moms Food Intake

If you want to provide fat in breast milk to the fullest, Moms must also pay attention to Moms food intake, yes. Consumption of Mamabear products such as Milky Mama Cookies, Eggs, seeds & nuts, chicken and fish.

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  • #Pumpinghacks

Another step that Moms can do is to do pumpinghacks. Pumpinghacks can be done by gently shaking the breast before breastfeeding. The function of shaking the breast is to release the fat that has accumulated in the alveoli, so that the fat content can be sucked out since the early minutes of breastfeeding.

Little Secret So That Breastmilk Can Comes Out Smoothly

At the time Moms already feel able to provide fat nutrition in breast milk to children. Of course at this time, many Moms hope that they can continue to provide milk for babies until their growth and development needs are met. Therefore, Moms certainly wants breast milk given to children to come out smoothly.

Moms there are some little secrets that can be one of the powerful moves so that breast milk will come out to the maximum. Moms must be happy for Oxycontin to be released which will affect breast milk. Breast milk production will run smoothly when Moms’ Oxycontin is high.

Stay safe, healthy and happy, Moms!

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