Are you waiting for the birth of your little one? Maybe Moms have started to be confused and worried about how to get the breast milk out quickly after delivery. Come on, read this article to find out how.

How to Get Breast Milk Come In Faster After Delivery?

Every mother wants the best for her little one. Surely the problem of breastfeeding is also one of the many things that worries Moms. Don’t worry, Moms. In this article, we will discuss how to get breast milk to come out quickly after giving birth so that Moms can understand better and apply the steps.

Mom, breastmilk has actually started to be produced in the 5th month of pregnancy. However, during pregnancy there is progestogen hormone in the body that suppresses prolactin and oxytocin hormones, which is a hormone for milk production. By suppressing the hormones prolactin and oxytocin, breast milk does not come out yet because if the milk comes out first it can cause contractions.

After childbirth, the body will slowly adjust. The hormone progestogens will decrease while oxytocin and prolactin will increase, which will cause milk to come out. The process usually takes 3 days after delivery. While waiting for this process to take place, there is no need to panic, Moms. During the first 3 days, babies have brown fat reserves that are usually on the baby’s back. The point is to provide energy in the first 3 days.

Another way to stimulate breast milk production quickly is Early Initiation of Breastfeeding. As soon as possible, put your little one on top of Mom’s body. Mom have to be shirtless and just wipe the baby except for the hands because there is a smell of amniotic fluid. With just diaper on the baby, then place it on the mother’s stomach. The baby will look for mother’s nipple within at least 1 hour.

Next thing Moms can do is bedding in. In this one way, you sleep in one bed with your little one (not just in one room with Mom, which is called rooming in). Why should you do bedding in? Because, it will make it easier for the baby to get access to the breast freely.

Lastly, Moms can also do lactation massage to speed up the milk out and immediately consumed by the baby. How to do lactation massage? Some Moms definitely haven’t done it so they are afraid of being wrong.

Don’t worry, Moms, you can still do lactation massage by asking for help from nurses, health doctors, or massaging them in a circle and away from the breast area. Don’t forget, too, that Moms who want the milk to come out quickly have to relax.

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