Moms, has your little one been crying a lot lately? What causes fussy babies? Have you ever thought that your little one cries because of not getting enough breastmilk? Surely there are still many questions that cross your mind? In this article, we will discuss the causes of fussy baby.

What are the cause of Fussy Baby?

Babies are fussy even though they have been approved by Moms. Just 10 minutes, suddenly your little one cried again.

Moms must be thinking about the cause of the baby’s fuss, and one of the thoughts that crossed Moms is “Is the breast milk given not enough?”

Moms must underline that your little one cannot speak and communicate yet. One way of communication that your little one can do is crying. So, when your little one is constantly crying there may be a need that has not been fulfilled by Moms. That’s the first reason Moms should know.

It could be that your little one is crying because they want to change their diaper, want to be carried by Moms, or want to be close in your arms. Parents who are quick to respond to the baby’s crying will not cause your baby to be a spoiled kid. Your little one will be more independent and confident.

Usually the cause of fussy babies is because they are hungry. The easiest way for a baby to show discomfort, especially hunger, is by crying.

But that’s not all, Moms. There is another main cause of fussy babies. The reason is because the baby is crying, because it needs adjustment. So, your little one’s crying is a form of adjustment in a new world from being in your womb, which is always safe and comfortable.

From here Moms, when your little one adjusts to the new world. So now Moms need to do Early Initiation of Breastfeeding. The method that is done is by placing your little one on your chest.

Prepare quality breast milk for your little one.

Moms now don’t need to worry, because your little one wants to breastfeed constantly. Moms can still provide quality breast milk for your little one.

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