Moms, do you know about the contents of breast milk? The content of breast milk is beneficial for your child. What ingredients are there in breast milk? Water content 88.1%, Lactose 7%, Fat 3.8%, Protein 0.9% and Others 0.2%. It can be seen that the content of water dominates everything so this can affect the condition of the body that often feels thirsty.

Benefits of Breast Milk Content

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Does Moms know the benefits of breast milk? When moms give breast milk for the first 6 months, your child will get the benefits of the content of LIPID. LIPID is a natural molecule (fat and vitamin) that dissolves into breast milk fat. The benefits of LIPID are a source of energy and vitamins, increase nerve development, and boost immunity.

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Colostrum also comes out in the first breast milk coming out of the breast. Colostrum that comes out is only a small droplet. The form of this one breast milk content is yellowish or brownish in color and thick in shape. What are the benefits? The benefits are being an antioxidant, a laxative effect, and increasing the defense of the digestive tract.

Not only LIPID, in breast milk there is a micronutrient content of Choline and Lutein. Choline has benefits in the development of the child’s memory while Lutein has benefits in brain and eye development. There are surely many benefits in giving your child breast milk.

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Another ingredient in breast milk is oligosaccharides. Oligosaccharides or complex carbohydrates are different Moms in each person, adjusting to the needs of the child himself. Lots of, yes, Moms, the benefits of breastfeeding for your little one.

Do not Pump Breast Milk Only When Its Full

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Moms start to reduce the habit of pumping the breast only when it’s full. How so? Moms need to know, there breast milk content in the form of FIL (Feedback Inhibitor of Lactation) which is an active protein that has the task of preventing the over-production of breast milk beyond the existing capacity. Does Moms already know the working system from FIL?

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Moms, when Moms feel her breasts are full then FIL gives a signal to the brain to stop producing milk. When Moms’ breast milk is pumped out the FIL will come out and this gives signal to the brain to produce breast milk again.

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So, the brain and FIL will communicate with each other. The communication is done by collecting the full signal sent by FIL to the brain. When FIL sends signals more often, the brain concludes that there is less need of breast milk. So, then the brain will give signals to produce milk on a smaller scale.

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