Moms, have you ever heard the rumors about clogged milk duct and mastitis? Or are you experiencing engorgement? You have to know that all these issues have differences. Most importantly, Moms must understand the differences and how to take care of them if you are experiencing it.

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Recognize the Symptoms

Moms may have experienced engorgement, clogged milk duct and mastitis. Does Moms know about the shape that will occur in the body? Now we will discuss the differences between each of them that will occur in mothers while breastfeeding.

Have Moms ever felt some of these symptoms? The breast feels very full, if the breast is held it will feel hard, hot, and all parts of the breast hurt. That’s the sign of engorgement. Therefore, for breastfeeding, frequently empty the breast to avoid breast swelling.

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Not only engorgement, you might also experience clogged milk duct. What are the symptoms? The symptoms are hard lumps, hot breasts, pain, and reddened lump area. When mom doesn’t treat clogged milk duct, it may lead to mastitis.

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Mastitis will appear when mom doesn’t treat the clogged milk duct. This can be dangerous. Therefore, Moms must know the symptoms that occur. Almost similar to blocked milk ducts but there are two important points : the red lines in the breast area and high fever.

Engorgement, Clogged Milk Duct, and Mastitis

Now, Moms know about the symptoms of these three issues. At this time, you should also know to overcome the problem of Engorgement, Clogged Milk Duct, and Mastitis. It is quite easy to engorgement and clogged milk duct.

Moms, to deal with engorgement, compress the breast with cold water will help. While for clogged milk duct, do the opposite and compress with warm water. So, you can do this before or after your child breastfeed.

Seeing the problem of mastitis, this can not be handled by Moms herself. So, Moms should be treated directly to a lactation doctor. Don’t delay, Mom is dangerous because it will cause an abscess that can only be treated with surgery. Discuss this problem by going to lactation doctors and Moms might be given antibiotic drugs that must be prescribed by a doctor.

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