Moms now must be familiar with Corona virus. Moms have to be extra careful even though you’ve done social distancing well. Do not let your family and baby worry because Mom feels unhealthy. So, Moms must stay fit wherever and whenever only for their beloved family. Moms can make herbal medicine to help increase immunity easily.

resep jamu untuk imunitas - jamu

Making Herbs to Increase Immune

In this case, of course, Moms wants one family, even oneself, to always have a protected immune system. Take it easy Moms, the way is very easy to maintain immunity. Moms only need to make herbal concoctions that are just right and can be consumed easily.

Moms only need to prepare tools and materials to make immune enhancing herbs. It’s easy for Moms to find the ingredients, you can get them by growing them yourself or buy them in the market. The price of the ingredients is also affordable and certainly Moms want to make this herbal medicine immediately.

For Moms who want to make immunity enhancing herbs, Moms need ginger (150 grams), curcuma (100 grams), galangal (to taste), turmeric (to taste), cinnamon (2 sticks), lemongrass (2 sticks), brown sugar / white (5 spoons), pandan leaves (1 sheet), and water (150 ml). These herbs are easy to find and might already be in your kitchen, Moms.

After that the step of making herbal medicine is also fairly easy Moms. First, Moms only need to cut and clean all the main ingredients well. Next, put the ingredients in the pan and boil until they boil. After boiling until boiling, Moms can strain into a glass and allow it to cool down. Moms can consume herbal medicine when it’s warm.

Change Clothes and Immediately Take a Shower When Traveling Moms

Moms even though you have made herbal medicine to increase immunity. At the time of Moms, doing activities outside the home because of an emergency, when entering the house you must remain in a clean state.

resep jamu untuk imunitas - mandi

Nobody knows where the corona virus is spreading where and by whom because it sometimes doesn’t even cause symptoms. Therefore, Moms after traveling must immediately replace clothes and take a shower. Take care to avoid corona virus. Of course, Moms don’t want to be affected by the corona virus and want to protect the family from it.

When Moms haven’t changed your clothes or take a bath, there are things to avoid first. The thing to avoid is that Moms don’t touch or lean on items at home. Furthermore, do not make physical contact to the family as well. Finally, Moms must wash their dirty clothes and dry in the sun.

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