Our Story

Being a mother is a great blessing yet challenging experience for everyone. For MamaBear founder, Agnes Widjaja, breastfeeding was not easy with insecure feeling of not making enough milk for her baby while battling baby blues at the same time.

Later she also learned that there was as much as mothers who has the same struggle as her, and it come to her understanding that breastmilk goes beyond food for the baby. Breastmilk provides both nutritive and non-nutritive benefits contribute to build better future generation. With her motherhood experience and background in Food Technology she called to help other mothers by developed products that promote breastmilk production. Through her mission, MamaBear was born.

From the beginning, MamaBear committed to develop products sourced only from high quality and proven to be potent ingredients. Applied hygiene practice during production process to ensure food safety, and suitable packaging technology to maintain product shelf-life.

Apart to be an effective solution for low breastmilk supply, MamaBear offer delightful taste and convenient products. Because we understand the joy of enjoying tea, cookies and cereal improves mother’s mood and so does her breastmilk production.

To date, MamaBear has been helping more than 500.000 mothers, our social media sharing has been a community platform to support, share and educate mother and mothers to be.

“MamaBear Building upon better generation by providing high quality products through research and innovation for maternity and breastfeeding mother.”